SWAMC & COVID-19 Funding Relief Options

Posted: September 10, 2020 at 9:43 am


Right now, many Southwest Alaskan owned and operated small businesses are struggling to keep the doors open due to the COVID-19 pandemic shutdowns and disruptions. Navigating the maze of available assistance, eligibility, and changes creates additional work and stress. SWAMC is working to easily connect Southwest businesses to a comprehensive and up-to-date list of federal, state, and local resources – grants, loans, and more.

FORWARD serves as a one-stop-shop for recovery programs and financial assistance, including AK CARES grant funding and more. It’s very straightforward for applicants (and if anything is confusing, we’re providing a helpline). Small businesses create a profile, filter available resources by eligibility and type, then apply for funding. That’s it. SWAMC is providing FORWARD free of cost within the Southwest Alaska region, because our goal is to advance the collective interests of Southwest Alaska people, businesses, and communities. Click the link above for more information about the program.

For this tool to be useful, business owners across Southwest Alaska need to know about it! That’s where you come in. Here are actions we are asking you to take to help ensure business owners are connected to the support they need:

  1. Forward this email. Alaska is small and the networks in our communities are close. Please help connect other Alaska business owners, civic leaders, Tribal representatives, non-profit organizations, and your friends and family with FORWARD. If you are in a leadership position, forward this email within your organization and encourage staff and volunteers to share.
  2. Share on social media. Want to click “share” on a Facebook post to your official organizational page? Click here for SWAMC’s post. Want to design your own post? Here is a social media toolkit for you to use. And of course please feel free to share this on personal social media pages in addition to your organization’s page!
  3. Make sure civic leaders in your community are in the know. From Tribal governments, City Councils, and your state legislators – send them a note about this tool and ask them to share through their networks. Are you a government representative? Please include a note on FORWARD in your next community newsletter or meeting agenda.

Thank you for all you continue to do to support a thriving Southwest Alaska. I believe we are stronger when we work together to support one another, and appreciate your willingness to help spread the word during this challenging time. Please know that as opportunities inevitably evolve, so will SWAMC – and we are here to help you navigate.


Shirley Marquardt
Executive Director
Southwest Alaska Municipal Conference (SWAMC)

Note: FORWARD is a product designed by LiveStories, a firm based in Seattle, WA. For more on LiveStories including other clients nationwide, check them out here www.livestories.com.