Your Energy Partner in Bristol Bay

Naknek Electric Association Inc. has been a partner in developing infrastructure and services to support a vibrant community and vital seafood industry since it was first certified for incorporation by the Territory of Alaska on January 4th 1949. NEA was founded 10 years before the territory was admitted to the union as the State of Alaska in 1959. The Association was also delivering electricity to our membership in 1960, one year before the local Bristol Bay Borough was incorporated and became the first organized borough to be recognized by the 49th state.

Many of the visionary founders of the Association continued to serve as stewards of the community in developing local businesses, municipal infrastructure, regional legislation and statewide policy. The vision and spirit of our founders and our community culture is unquestionably a reflection of the Bristol Bay spirit and is still present in the region and the state today. Bristol Bay has been and continues to be a driver of innovation and thanks to continued leadership and partnerships, our region hosts a successful local economy, relies on sustainable resource management and successfully contributes to the seafood market on a global scale. NEA is proud to continue our dedication to supporting this tradition by delivering quality service to our members and supporting the partnerships, vision and innovation they have spawned.

NEA is committed to the mission of providing superior electrical service, accomplished through the efforts of a highly skilled, motivated and safety conscious workforce with the supporting services, technologies and facilities to assure that the Association’s members enjoy its benefits at the lowest price consistent with sound management. We are an equal opportunity provider & employer. For job opportunities, please email us your resume or call the office for more details. We’re always looking for new and exceptional talent to join our team. Please contact us for more information.