Energized in 1960
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Board of Directors



The Board of Directors

Naknek Electric Association was first certified for Incorporation by the Territory of Alaska on January 4th, 1949. The original Founders included:  A.R. Davey | Nick Zimin | Florence K. Wassmann | Oscar Brown | James Clemens | Gunnar Berggren | Henry Miller | Mathew Anderson | Louis Harris. 

In 1956 the Association began conducting preliminary survey work to establish the feasibility of constructing an electric generation plant that would service Naknek, King Salmon and South Naknek. Melvin Monsen, Jay Hammond and Katherine Ostrosky joined the NEA Board of Directors in 1958 and secured their first loan from the Rural Electrification Administration at a meeting held on August 18, 1959.

The system was energized in December, 1960 and the Association was finally able to deliver power to 66 2/3% of the membership in the newly constructed service area. 

Your Vote Matters

Every year as dictated by the Bylaws of the cooperative, the Membership of Naknek Electric Association  meet to conduct Director Elections and receive updates on the previous fiscal year.

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➤ NEA is committed to the mission of providing superior electrical service, accomplished through the efforts of a highly skilled, motivated and safety conscious workforce with the supporting services, technologies and facilities to assure that the Association's members enjoy its benefits at the lowest price consistent with sound management.

➤ We are an equal opportunity provider & employer. For job opportunities, please email us your resume or call the office for more details. We're always looking for new and exceptional talent to join our team. Please contact us for more information.