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Richard Sherman

Director Richard Sherman

Director Richard Sherman

Richard Sherman moved to King Salmon in 1981 as a college student to work the summers for Katmai National Park and in 1983 he and his wife Eseta chose to begin and raise their family of four children here in King Salmon. In 1987 he and his family joined Naknek Electric Association as a member shortly after purchasing a building they converted into a home.  Since that time they have purchased additional property and started their business, Heart O' the Shire in 2008. 

In January of 2013 Richard was appointed to a vacant position on the NEA Board of Directors and he has been honored to have served as a Director. His primary responsibility in this board is to work with CEO/Manager Dianne King and her staff to provide reliable and affordable energy to our members. He believes that while the costs of living in King Salmon, Naknek, and South Naknek are high, the benefits far outweigh the costs. He also believes that finding affordable and sustainable resources for our community will help attract and keep our members here, and thereby grow.

Richard enjoys serving as a Director and strives to keep low rates, to achieve energy efficiency and to provide safe electricity for our members and workers at the cooperative. He believes that while the cooperative currently relies primarily on diesel fuel generation power such as diesel fuel to generate electricity, he is mainly interested in alternative power such as our solar array and hopes to see it expanded as technology is improved.




but we are always looking for better ways to provide energy for our members.



Nanci Morris Lyon has served as the President of the Board of Directors since 2016 and has served as a Director since 2008. Her range of diversity of life experiences including author, adviser, entrepreneur and adventurer gives her a unique perspective that she brings to the board room. 

Her willingness to listen and keep an open mind allows her to carefully evaluate any and all issues the cooperative faces. She is a firm believer in alternative energy, having invested in solar panels for her own personal business and she believes that Naknek Electric Association is headed in the right direction with their exploration into expanding alternative energy sources. 

President Lyon would like to insure that the cooperative maintains focus and commitment to finding cost effective alternatives for NEA members and future generations because she beleives low cost energy is a vital ingredient to keeping rural communities strong and healthy.

Dianne King