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Co-ops Vote



Continuing the Drumbeat

In order to ensure that the Membership of the Naknek   Electric Association continue to be successful, NEA is partnering with the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association to  promote their Co-ops Vote campaign.

This is a non partisan initiative that remains quite simple at its core. It ensures that members are  registered to vote and that they go to the polls for elections to ensure that rural issues remain part of the local, state and national discussions.

By participating in the Co-ops Vote campaign in 2017, Naknek Electric Association is sending a message that all candidates, at all levels can continue the drumbeat and speak with one voice to have a major impact in making sure that our top issues are part of the political conversation.

Please join NEA and the NRECA in this national effort to stand up for the priorities of Rural Alaska and electric cooperatives nation wide.


Turning the Tide in Rural Alaska

Electric co-ops like NEA are not-for-profit energy providers that are owned by the members they serve. They provide vital community infrastructure that makes them a pivotal service provider in Rural Alaska.

Voting plays an important role in helping our cooperatives be responsive to the needs of the membership it serves. Voting also plays a crucial role in making the voices of Rural Alaska heard in our representative democracy.

Elections are opportunities for  communicating concern to our leaders about the issues that  matter most about where we live, work and raise our families.

As a result, local elections affect those of us who choose to live and work in rural communities very deeply. Cooperative, local, state and federal elections offer us an opportunity to turn the tides by selecting the best leaders to  represent our communities.

Co-ops like NEA and their members can make a difference in lending their voices to issues that support sustainable community development and maintain the benefit of programs like the Power Cost Equalization program.

Naknek Electric Association would like to encourage our membership to reach out to local election candidates and talk about the issues that matter most in our communities.

Stop by NEA Headquarters to pick up information about Co-ops Vote and for more information about the upcoming Bristol Bay Borough General Election scheduled on October 3rd, 2017


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